J-Min Gives Us Something Different With “Ready For Your Love”

J-Min is one of those artists that can be hard to place in the Kpop world. Opting for an indie-rock sound as opposed to the retro-pop or sugar-pop that dominates the genre on top of the fact she’s poorly promoted by SM Entertainment, it’s very easy to let her pass you by. Last I heard from her, she released a song in 2014 called “Shine,” that I remember liking, but easily forgetting. She released some stuff since then that I missed, such as “Way Back Home,” in 2015, and I nearly missed this song as well.

One of the first things I noticed as I listened to this song was that it sounded strikingly familiar to me. After a couple of spins, I was able to determine that this song sounds a lot like “Stranger in Moscow” by Michael Jackson, a song that relies much on the acoustic guitar to create a somber melody. However, with the modern addition of synths commonly used in Kpop, this song sounds a lot more hopeful and profound than “Stranger in Moscow,” ever did. This instrumental also makes J-Min’s voice soar over the track, and that voice makes this song all the better. It would have easily fit the bill of a 90’s ballad track in the United States, and that is a really good thing.

Sadly, I doubt that this will be the song that breaks new ground for J-Min, and she will likely remain in SM Entertainment purgatory for a little while longer. But, it’s suffice to say that this is a breath of fresh air, and if you’re looking for something different to put on your playlist, this should be the song to do it with.


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