VIXX teases as Hades for their new comeback, “Fantasy”

I’ve been following VIXX since their debut in 2012, and I’ll admit that there was a point I was pretty sure they wouldn’t get that far in the Kpop world as they floundered around with a cutesy concept that worked, but gave them no sense of style. Then, in 2013, they became what people would call “concept idols” with singles like “On and On” and “Hyde,” and have stuck to that route ever since, with a few notable exceptions (“GR8U”). This year, they’ve gone for a trinity of mini-albums meant to represent Greek gods.

Admittedly, I slept on their first effort towards this trinity project, “Dynamite,” which was meant to represent Zelos, the god of jealousy, and only recently have been listening to it more often. However, I’ve been waiting for their next album anxiously, and I am happy to say that VIXX is about to make a comeback with a song called “Fantasy,” which is meant to represent Hades, the god of the underworld. So far, the teaser images have looked promising, but through Naver they finally released a full teaser just a day before the song’s release.

“Fantasy,” looks like it’s going to be a song going towards the dramatic, much like “Hyde,” and “Voodoo Doll,” did in the past. In the teaser there seems to be some deliberate restraint in giving away what the instrumental will sound like. What can be heard are some haunting vocals of the members singing, “Someone help,” and “Fantasy,” along the sounds of church bells among a sparse, dark synth track. The music video itself lends itself to the usual VIXX fare – darkness, interesting costumes with thorns standing as hand pieces, and the like. This comeback looks like it’s going to be a transitional song as we move from the warm summer months to the cooler, drearier fall months.

Here is the link to the teaser, which wouldn’t let me embed it for you guys since it’s on Naver and not your standard YouTube.


EDIT: They finally posted the teaser to YouTube, so I’ll include the video here:


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