Badkiz is Back With “Hothae,” and There are a Lot of Butts

With only three singles under their belt, and being on hiatus for an entire year, Badkiz fall into the same category that Chocolat and Gangkiz did before it: struggling to find that break-out song. Just about every rookie group falls under this category, unless you come from a company giant like S.M. or Y.G. Entertainment. But for these groups, it’s a constant uphill climb, and many find themselves disbanding in a couple of years. However, Badkiz feels a little special in this category because I have yet to find a song I like from them. In fact, it wasn’t until I read The Bias List’s review that I realized they had a comeback at all.

And…I don’t really know how to feel about it.

The song itself isn’t fundamentally bad, but I had a hard time finding stuff to like. Brass dominates the instrumental on this track, and is easily one of the most annoying parts of it. I’ve never been a big fan of horns in general, but this takes everything I dislike about it and magnifies it to undeniable proportions. There is this terrible screech that happens every other measure, and it’s enough to induce a headache every time I listen to it. In fact, the only parts of the song I liked were the bridges because the brass was far more subdued. If there was more of that to break the instrumental up, I feel like I could have been more forgiving.

And then there’s the music video, which presents its own set of problems. Like other Badkiz videos before it, there is this constant state of cheapness in the production. However, unlike the ones before it, this one doesn’t come off quite as rushed. In the clip, there are three settings: a desert with a lone street in the center, a pool party, and a club (or house party?). All three of those don’t mix very well when you think about them, but it’s hard to tell with the copious amount of butt shots within the three-minute running time (fifty-one in total – I counted).

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with this comeback is that anything that could’ve been great about this is overused: especially brass and butt shots. It’s a lot like taking something spicy to a dish. In small amounts, it can add an interesting flavor, but if it’s added too generously it can lead to disaster.

I struggled to write this review because I didn’t want to be overly harsh, especially towards a rookie group, but this was one of very few Kpop songs where I couldn’t find much to like. Yes, it does the job of leaving a mark, but it isn’t a good one. It’s too much of everything and nothing, and it shows.

Needless to say, I doubt it’s going to be the breakout hit that Badkiz needs to keep afloat in the Kpop world, and they need it if they have any hope to break into the big leagues.


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