HyunA Looks Hella Gorgeous in “Morning Glory”


I started blogging a couple weeks after HyunA came out with her latest comeback, “How’s This?” so I wasn’t able to write a review about it. However, just about anybody who knows me in the Kpop fandom knows that I’ve been looking forward to every comeback from her since “Bubble Pop!” Her last comeback, though, left a bad taste in my mouth. A mish-mashed concept of club dancing and a discombobulated song to match, it was easily the worst thing she’d come out with in a long time. So when her YouTube channel dropped another music video from her called “Morning Glory,” I felt the need to check it out.

“Morning Glory,” is a laid-back summer track. Everything about it is on the subtle side, which isn’t a bad thing, especially since this isn’t a full-on comeback. I’m not sure whether or not this song came off her latest album only because I tend to follow singles more than albums, but it could easily fit in the b-side repertoire. HyunA has never been strong in the vocals department, so being given a song like this makes sense because it doesn’t require her to do much with her vocals beyond a simple melody. The instrumental has piano backing most of it, with the synths taking a backseat for most of it. One of the synths sounds a lot like one’s stomach sounds when they’re hungry and making weird noises, which gives it HyunA’s signature among a track that could literally be given to anyone with the same results.

At the same time, it’s obvious that the song is not what you should be paying attention to. Hyuna looks absolutely gorgeous in this video. Red lipstick truly suits her, and her outfits are all bold but timeless colors like bright blue, red, and white, which gives the video’s sunny vibe more of a pop. Most of the video is spent watching HyunA do various everyday things – take pictures, eat food, stand on balconies, and be gorgeous. It’s much better than the crazy stuff in “How’s This,” in both the song and video. A lovely departure from her usual stuff, which isn’t always a bad thing as the summer continues to draw to a close and make way for the fall months.


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