Laboum Makes Sabotage Look Great in “Shooting Love”


Ever since “What About You?” in late 2014, I have been looking forward to every comeback they’ve had. A joint project between NH Media and Nega Network, they’ve surprisingly held up despite both of those companies track records, (they are the homes of U-Kiss and Lunafly respectively) with good songs to boot. And thankfully “Shooting Love” continues this trend.

I’ve had a hard time figuring out what Laboum’s sound is, but they’re also one of those groups that could sound any way they wanted and I’d probably still like them. “Shooting Love” takes a page out of early Girl’s Day’s book with the cheerleader chants and overall cutesy feel of the song. At first listen, a lot of the sounds happening within the synths and changes in verse can seem jarring, but they come together as a strangely cohesive whole by the next few listens. I can’t say much more other than it’s a great addition to their discography, despite its sudden changes.

The music video is also just a lot of fun. It details the girls split up into two different warring teams, with a massive arsenal of bejeweled, flowery, pink firearms as they try to sabotage the other team. It’s hard to follow what is happening upon first watch, just like it’s jarring to listen to the song, but it looks great. The colors are bright and happy, much as the summertime is (since we are still in the thick of summer comebacks) despite the fact it’s starting to wane a little.

Overall, I totally enjoyed Laboum’s new song and video, and will be enjoying it for the next few months until they have another comeback sometime soon. Sorry that this post is a little on the less descriptive side. School’s started back up and I was only able to squeeze in this review in the morning where my head is not in a full-on review mode. I hope you guys enjoyed anyway!


2 thoughts on “Laboum Makes Sabotage Look Great in “Shooting Love”

  1. […] Last time we saw Laboum, they’d just come out with their bubbly and fun summer single, “Shooting Love,” which I really enjoyed for its peppy tone and funny music video about sabotage. Now four months later, they’re out with a new song meant to capture the winter magic without being too Christmas-y. The result of that effort is “Winter Story,” which sounds like all the Sweetune music I’ve missed over the past few years. […]


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