SPICA Does Their Best Impression of Wonder Girls in “Secret Time”!


SPICA is a group I’ve been following ever since their debut in 2012 with the criminally underrated song “Russian Roulette.” I’ve loved their more mature, vocally-driven songs ever since I can remember (although “You Don’t Love Me” was a weird song I couldn’t get into for one reason or another). Now, they’ve been off the radar for the past two years since “Ghost” in 2014, and have recently made a comeback with an eighties-inspired song “Secret Time.”

What immediately comes to mind to me is that this comes off a lot a more energetic Wonder Girl’s song a video. The song is retro-inspired by the eighties, but pack a punch where Wonder Girls go more for vibe and mood. By itself, the song is all well and good, and it fits the formula of Kpop quite nicely. But perhaps this is partly because I’m starting to get a little sick of 80s-inspired songs, so it didn’t jive as well for me as it probably should’ve. Most of it is because it’s starting to become quite overused in the Kpop scene, and so I want a little more hip-hop or even rock on my palette than just thisAt the same time, though, I miss the somber or moody stuff that SPICA used to do, such as in their debut, mainly because it really allowed their vocalists to shine in a way you can’t with much more uptempo songs.

The video follows a lot of the same stuff that the song has. From the filter to the way everything is shot, this could have easily been a Wonder Girls song and video – the only difference being the good vocalists. It takes place in a diner that gets turned into this skating rink for the girls to play around in. There’s a lot of glitter, a lot of glamourous shots, the works. Even the girls look like they came from another age, save for the fact they’re hair is all kinds of wacky colors and the wardrobe looks a tad more modern than the era their song could be from. There’s even a part in the video about a mechanical spider chasing the girls around. The video is great to look at, but at the end of the day comes off interchangeable with other girl groups recently.

I am so glad that SPICA is back because I’ve missed seeing them show up on my YouTube feed now and again, but I guess I just expected something more from a group that has a lot going for it. Now let’s hope that their agency doesn’t leave them in purgatory for another two years so they may have their chance in the spotlight.


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