Songs I Missed #1: I.B.I., NCT-DREAM, Brave Girls, and More!

I get busy sometimes, and I can’t do a full review on everything, so this is my attempt to make up for lost time and write short-and-sweet reviews on a few different songs I missed over the past couple of weeks.

I.B.I. – “Molae Molae”

An obligatory formation of five girls who got snubbed during Produce 101 to be in I.O.I., I.B.I. was given a song much better than the actual debut for I.O.I. in “Dream Girls.” Due to its lack of promotion on music shows, it feels like a waste considering how adorable this song really is. It was one of those songs that found its way in my head and never really left, and I feel bad that I wasn’t able to give a full review on them. Perhaps we may see another song from these girls, but it feels like a highly doubtful prospect due to their circumstances. Good thing Chaekyung is in C.I.V.A. though, so we may at least see more of her in the coming months.


NCT-DREAM – “Chewing Gum”

NCT-DREAM is another addition to SM Entertainment’s experimental project by creating a revolving-door of group members in different subgroups that can be put anywhere at any time. I hadn’t really been paying attention, beyond NCT-127’s “Fire Truck” which came off headache-inducing at best. But, out of all of the subunits so far, this would be my favorite if I could get past how young the members are. It’s a little daunting how the average age of the members is fifteen, especially when you consider how brutal the Kpop industry is on late-teens and adult singers alike.

That said, though, this song is incredibly catchy and cute, and once it sticks it’s hard not play it over and over again.


Brave Girls – “Yoo Hoo”

After the release of “Deepened” and “High Heels” earlier this year, Brave Girls has been a bit of a mixed bag. Where “Deepened” was excellent and “High Heels” was fine, “Yoo Hoo,” is just flat-out mediocre. Sure, it hits everything a summer song is supposed to hit – something light, breezy, and fun – it also isn’t something we haven’t heard a dozen times over this season. On top of this, the girls themselves seem bored as they try their best to issue out some charisma as they are lounging by the pool, drinking, and pushing each other off of blow-up rafts. It leaves me more and more confused on what Brave Girls is trying to be, but hopefully they’ll gain back some momentum before they fall back into obscurity.


Hyoyeon, Min, JoKwon ft. JYP – “Born to be Wild”

I’ll be honest, I always have a hard time with collaborations like this, especially when it’s either multiple companies or multiple artists of the same company. Most of the time they go one of two ways – either it’s embarrassingly bland or made out to be a big production without a lot going on. “Born to be Wild” somehow ends up being both when combined with its unfocused, loud, and hard-to-understand song, as well as the schizophrenic, heavily filtered music video. It feels much like “Maxstep” by various SM artists, but it lacks the cohesiveness – a shame considering how rare it is for multiple-company collaborations.


Sunny Hill – “On the Way Home”

Rumored to be the “goodbye song” for a senior group, this song gives off a bittersweet quality while also following the usual Kpop ballad formula. As a group that’s been losing its momentum for years, it feels like a reality that has been coming for a long time, but unwanted nonetheless. Sunny Hill was one of the first groups I ever came across in my Kpop journey with “The Grasshopper Song.” Only time will tell if this is truly a goodbye song or a mere coincidence.


I want to apologize for the lack of posting this week. School is coming full force and this blog has been taking a backseat with it all. Hopefully with this new segment I can keep up with the various Kpop releases that come up every week that I don’t always have time to get to. For all your Americans, I hope that you have a lovely Labor Day weekend. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to some English reading. Have a great day!


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