Ga-In is a Delight to Watch in “Carnival”


I’m going to be honest: I love Ga-In. I love that she breaks barriers in Kpop about female sexuality, and I love how she can both be light and breezy as well as dark and foreboding within any single comeback. “Paradise Lost” was one of her biggest moments in the Kpop stratosphere, and I have been waiting anxiously for her to come back ever since. Now, over a year later, Ga-In finally gives us that comeback in “Carnival.” While some may criticize it for a lack of bite and commentary that Ga-In usually puts out each comeback, it’s a welcome change from the sickly sweet comebacks that have come out this past summer.

One thing I’m going to point out right away is that if you don’t like anything I.U. has come out with, you’re likely not going to like this comeback. It takes on the same old-Broadway style and even has some of the same tones. On top of this, “Carnival” also doesn’t opt for the usual flaunt of female sexuality that Ga-In is well-known for. Instead, it’s a fun but wistful track about lost love that feels rather refreshing.

However, the hallmark of this comeback is the video, which is one of the brightest things I’ve seen Ga-In come out with since “Bloom.” One could argue the last time was with “Apple,” but the intense colors of red within that video doesn’t do it for me. Here, the red is toned down to a pinkish tone, and Ga-In looks gorgeous as she flaunts around in various leotards and short skirts throughout the video. I think the plot of this is that Ga-In has passed away and she is recalling her last day on Earth, a love she had, and also watches as an angel during her funeral procession. It’s equally a gorgeous and melancholic video.

While it is different from many of Ga-In’s efforts, it is a welcome and refreshing distraction. I heard that this is supposed to be a prequel for her ultimate comeback sometime soon, which will problem prompt her to return to the controversial songs we know and love.

By the way, I am sorry about my virtual silence and my lack of real analysis in this review. I’ve been a little lazy and sleep-deprived and it’s been hard to keep up with this blog. Hopefully I’ll get back on schedule very soon!



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