Crayon Pop’s “Doo Doom Chit” Uses A YouTube Meme to Slay Kpop


One thing I love about Kpop is how quirky it can be even when it’s trying to be as commercial as possible. Groups like Orange Caramel have lived on this for years, and Crayon Pop is another group to add to that list. Ever since “BarBarBar” Crayon Pop came off as the quirkiest of them all wearing biker helmets, red and white outfits that recall little kids, and weird dances and videos. Lately, though, they’ve been trying to shed the quirky image by taking off the helmets and the weird outfits and instead looking more like their prettier counterparts, while still retaining the funny music videos and catchy songs.

Crayon Pop’s sound is a pretty rare breed in the Kpop stratosphere, so it’s incredibly refreshing to hear something unapologetically catchy and awesome for a change. It sounds like a mix of PSY’s underappreciated “Daddy” with saxophone added in to make it Crayon Pop’s own. The hook is the “Doo Doom Chit” repeated over and over again to create the chorus. Apparently “Doo Doom Chit” is a dance move, as represented by this very scary anthropomorphic cat:

What would millenials find disturbing yet oddly charming? These meme, I bet. 

Yes, that’s right. You’ve likely seen this meme before if you’ve looked at YouTube comments, and this is what inspired the “doo doom chit” dance. It’s an unusual choice to gather inspiration from a meme that middle schoolers used because they thought it would freak people out, but thankfully the actual cat is an adorable stuffed animal playing the saxophone.

Or four.

It looks like the video is trying to do the same thing Orange Caramel did with “My Copycat.” It’s not a direct copy by any means (see what I did there), since rather than trying to find the differences between two different images of the members, you join the girls in trying to find this stuffed cat that keeps eluding them in various settings.

Like the office.


The playground.


The grocery store.


Even the freaking classroom.


Admittedly, the video was pretty funny to watch, especially with how the girls ended up doing the “doo doom chit” dance every time the cat came up. I’m a bit of a sucker for quirky and funny videos along with catchy songs, so I found myself thoroughly enjoying myself. However, it feels like Crayon Pop is starting to want to be like everyone else ever since they shed the weird garments and helmets. Even their sound seems a little different here.  But as long as they keep making good music, I’m all for it.

What did you guys think of Crayon Pop’s comeback? How do you feel about the use of a YouTube meme as the concept? What meme would you like to see done in Kpop? Comment below and let me know (but honestly if you say Harambe I will fight you).


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