Dal Shabet Talk About the Grueling Work Week in “Fri. Sat. Sun.”


It’s been a rainy week in Florida (hello Hurricane Matthew), and today I am taking the time to update you all on what’s been going on in Kpop, starting with Dal Shabet’s newest single, “Fri. Sat. Sun.”

To start with the good stuff, the chorus is nice and energetic. I also love that the girls are tackling such a mundane subject as the work week rather than the usual “love and relationships” that populates Kpop all too much. But beyond that there is just a lot of…meh here. The verses are forgettable for the most part, and while the chorus adds some punch to an otherwise forgettable song, I actually forgot the song existed this past week.


I also felt that the dance outfits were out of place here with everything else that was going on. They were quite dark for an environment as bright as this, so I thought they didn’t match well with everything else. But what really struck me was that this was the first comeback where I really felt the loss of the two members who quit back in 2015. It’s strange to me because this was something I didn’t feel earlier this year with “Someone Like U.” Perhaps it’s a matter of each of the members were utilized and utilized well in “Someone Like U” as opposed to this comeback.

At the end of the day there just feels like there is something missing here as opposed to Dal Shabet’s other material. Maybe it’s because the song is forgettable fodder for the fall season. Maybe it’s because the music video should’ve done more than it actually did. Or maybe the whole point of this comeback is going over my head. After all, I haven’t been adulting for that long so it’s entirely possible. But I’m sad to say that in my bad week, this didn’t really make me feel any better.

What did you think of Dal Shabet’s comeback? How are you feeling this Friday? Let me know in the comments below!


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