MONSTA X Act Tough with Teddy Bears in “Fighter”


I’ve been falling way behind on these reviews about all the different comebacks that have been coming out because of school, but this is my latest attempt to try and post a little more frequently. While there were many different comebacks I could’ve chosen from to kick this off, I decided on one from a group I haven’t had the chance to look into – MONSTA X – and their new song “Fighter”.

So for those of you that don’t know, MONSTA X was a group created by a reality show called “NO.MERCY” that debuted sometime in 2015. This seems like an ongoing trend with Kpop groups these days, and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Anyway, their main sound is supposed to be hip-hop I guess, and so far it seems they’re still somewhere in the rookie stages of Kpop stardom.

And so, enter “Fighter.”

Now I’m viewing this from a newcomer’s perspective so I don’t know too much about their gimmick or any of their other songs. What I assumed was going on was that this was supposed to be some homage to the Rocky movies back in the eighties – from the 80s-looking title card to the constant “working hard to be the winner” imagery in one guy punching a wall, another one welding something, and another one carrying a bag that may have…blood on it? I don’t know.

And in comes…

I’m not sure whether or not I’d laugh or run away from these teddy bear bodyguards.

…the teddy bears.

Now don’t get me wrong: I love teddy bears as much as the next person. As a kid I loved the cuddly things and I asked for one for Christmas every year. But when you’re singing a tough song about fighting for love and then doing all this “fighter” imagery, it’s really hard to take you seriously when you’re surrounded by teddy bears or eating gummy bear “pills” (or gummy vitamins maybe?).

He’s looking for another teddy bear to add to his collection.

The only reason I can really accept the fact that there are teddy bears in this tough video is that early on it’s established these guys are trapped in some kind of insane asylum, and are probably hallucinating all these teddy bears as I guess they fight with their mind? I don’t know. The music video is weird and I’m not really sure how I feel about it.

(takes a breath)

However, on a more critical note, the song itself seems like it’s definitely hip-hop influenced, but it feels a lot more angsty-pop to me. Maybe it’s because the rap verses never showed up until the bridge of the song and what verses were sung just felt like your standard Kpop fare. In fact, I actually forgot that this song came out for a bit until I made a list of all the music videos I still needed to review.

So…coming from a newcomer’s perspective, the song wasn’t terrible but the video felt like kind of a mess because so many things were happening all at once. Like what was going on with the video game thingy? Why were they playing with that? Also, what was in that bloody bag? A body? Who knows? But what I can definitely say is this song hasn’t convinced me that MONSTA X is anything to go crazy about. I just hope MONSTA X prove me wrong because I always like rooting for the underdogs out here in Kpop.



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