Ladies’ Code Releases Stunning Song and Music Video, “The Rain”


Whenever one thinks of Ladies’ Code, it is very hard not to imagine the car crash that claimed the lives of two members – EunB and RiSe – late in 2014. Before then, they were known for their retro sound, vocals, and bright visuals. After a long hiatus by Kpop standards (almost two years), the group came back with “Galaxy,” a sad, haunting song with references to the two members lost and the three that remain. Now, they’ve come out with their newest song, “The Rain,” which continues the trend “Galaxy” set up.

Their sound as a group of three has no doubt changed from the one they carried as five, but it also feels very organic. These past two singles seem to have switched exclusively to R&B, and “The Rain” reflects that. The song has a mid-tempo speed to it, but continues with the melancholy sound “Galaxy” had, just perhaps lighter on the sadness. Some people didn’t like “Galaxy” because it was a slower song, so “The Rain” is going to appeal to anyone who likes faster tracks. Interestingly the song was produced in part by OREO, who was responsible for INFINITE’s “Zero” from their latest album. It’s nice to see he’s getting some recognition for his stuff, and especially interesting to see him do something a little slower.


However, the crown jewel of this comeback is the music video. While there is no story to be analyzed within the song, the references to “three” are consistently found throughout the video, whether it be the metal balls that break the glass or the fish flopping around on the glass gasping for air (something that really bothered me, by the way).  Much of the music video contains stunning colors that pop out among the predominantly black background of the video. Shots of rain coming through crevices in broken-down bathrooms, flowers, broken glass, and ice also surround the music video. It is a haunting visual that doesn’t allow you to look away because of how beautiful it is (although seriously I hope they put the fish back in water instead of just let them die there, but if I know anything about the Kpop industry, the latter is probably true).


It is so nice to be able to see Ladies’ Code back in the game after the most tragic event to befall Kpop ever (and 2014 alone had a lot contenders on what could be the saddest thing that year). As a group, they’ve changed considerably from the Ladies’ Code of the past. While it would be nice to see them go back to that sound sometime in the future, I would be happy if they continued with this one.

What did you guys think of Ladies’ Code’s comeback? Let me know in the comments below!


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