I.O.I. Release Their Catchiest Single Yet in “Very Very Very”


Again, life got busy so sorry it’s been like, a week since this comeback came out that I’m finally writing about it.

Last time we saw I.O.I., they were a subgroup promoting the awesome “Whatta Man,” which I said was their best track yet since “Dream Girls” earlier this year. Unfortunately I may have forgotten about the song’s existence by the time I finished that blog post, but I was really excited to hear I.O.I. was making another comeback this fall with a quirky concept with “Very Very Very.” And, needless to say, I am “very very very” happy with the results!

I’ve heard from a lot of people that this comeback sounds very much like Girl’s Generation’s breakout hit, “Gee,” especially in the chorus. It was interesting to me because I actually played the songs back to back and I thought that, while they had very much the same peppy nature and catchy chorus, they were still very much their own songs.

That being said, it feels like to me I.O.I. is doing every single comeback concept they possibly can in the book before their year as a band is up. In “Dream Girls” they did your generic girl group debut that showed off all their different talents, in “Whatta Man” they showed they could be fierce, and “Very Very Very” is meant to be their quirky comeback.

One of the songs biggest strengths is the chorus, which is really strong in being catchy and memorable. It’s bordered by these verses that really allow the girls to show off their voices, even if they all sound the same in their own right. At least they didn’t just go for the “aegyo” high-pitched voice that many girl groups go for in these kinds of comebacks. It’s just a really solid song overall, and I love it.


The video seems to follow a similar trend I’ve seen all year, starting with Jonghyun’s “She Is,” of stark contrasts in colors. Green + yellow is pretty prominent here, along with bright yellow + light blue, and the most aesthetically pleasing red + white.

I would say that the video has some similarities to Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” earlier this year with the gym clothes and imagery, but I.O.I. holds their own with tilting rooms, banging on cafeteria tables where they’re presented with an egg on a green plate, and a dozen or so of the same person appearing in one separate room. It allows for the girls to really show what charms they have here, especially in the solo shots of each member.

By the way, shout out to this girl for having a really nice rap towards the middle of the song! 

It seems that some people have been saying that this is I.O.I.’s last comeback before their disbandment. I’m not quite sure how true that is, because I would think that I.O.I. of all groups would have one more comeback up their sleeve before they let the girls go their separate ways. But, if this is the last we see of I.O.I. ever, I think that they left the Kpop scene on a good note.

What did you guys think of this comeback? Do you think this is the girls’ last song? Leave a comment below! I’ll see you next time!


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