“TT”Solidifies TWICE as The Next National Girl Group


I feel like this is the weirdest time to write this review since Halloween season has come and gone, but fuck it.

TWICE is another one of those new groups that I never got into, but it certainly wasn’t for a lack of trying. I’ve viewed both “Like Ooh Ah” and “Cheer Up” many times over the course of this year and I just never got it. However, they managed to become the JYP monster rookies, and possible descendants of Girl’s Generation when they eventually disband (although that won’t be happening anytime soon unless a bunch of the members leave at once). As usual, I sat in my little minority seat, popcorn in hand, and said, “Yeah, but what’s so special about them?” And, like the usual minority stickler I am, I probably would have never looked at this comeback until much later, past Halloween season and maybe even Christmas season if I didn’t run this blog. But I am so glad I did, because as of now I have repented from my sins of saying, because now I get it.

This is great stuff.


One of the things people have been saying about this comeback is how subdued it is in comparison to their first two singles. It’s nothing like “Cheer Up” which can become catchy upon first listen (unless you’re me), but I think this actually works in “TT”’s favor. Rather than hitting their audience hard for the third time in a row, I like that they got a little experimental by using club beats as background while the vocals carry the hooks. It shows me that the group isn’t a one-trick pony who can only deliver the same song over and over. Despite sounding different, though, it doesn’t alienate its audience either. At the end of the day, it still sounds like TWICE.

However, the triumph of this comeback is the music video. The concept is very “Halloween,” with the kids showing up at the door to trick or treat, to the various costumes the girls wear. The unfortunate thing about this is that some girls standout (Tzuyu the vampire, Mina the pirate, Dahyun the bunny) while others are forgettable (Chaeyoung with her bad CGI mermaid tail, Sana with her okay superhero outfit). It’s a little unfair in this front, but it’s also not surprising when you’ve got so many members to create costumes for. At the same time, all these things are forgivable because the music video is just so fun to watch. It’s just great to see all the costumes, amazing and okay, and it gives newcomers a chance to get to know the members in a way many music videos just don’t.


Although who are these kids’ parents? Because I wanna know who taught them that it was okay to walk into a stranger’s house when the door opens, especially when there’s no person there opening it. I mean…that’s gotta be a warning sign to leave the house and go somewhere else to trick or treat…

But I digress. I love this comeback despite my nitpicking of the music video. It seems that most of the public likes it too because this song has been breaking records left and right, from music video views to all-kills on music shows. Girls’ Generation better watch out, because TWICE is coming back and taking names.


2 thoughts on ““TT”Solidifies TWICE as The Next National Girl Group

  1. […] If you remember my review on “TT” last year, you would know that unlike everyone else I wasn’t a big fan of TWICE. I didn’t get the hype for them, even as “Like Ooh Ahh” and “Cheer Up” achieved major success. Funnily enough, it wasn’t until their third effort in “TT” I began to recognize what people were getting hyped about. The biggest thing about TWICE as a whole is this: how much you like the song depends on how much you like the hook. “TT” was a hook that did it for me, and afterwards I was really excited to see what else TWICE had up their sleeves to charm me with. […]


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