Kim Sejeong’s – “Flower Path”


The only reason I’m talking about this one is because it’s a girl from I.O.I. (and gugudan) and because there is hardly much else to review from the past week (which is why I can’t come up with a witty title).


I should’ve known that this song was gonna be bad by the first piano tinkles, but I kept listening anyway and found myself getting in a sadder and sadder mood.

Why the sad mood, you ask? Well, for one thing, it is a sad song. Like many Kpop ballads before it, this falls into the “so boring it’ll chart really well in Korea” category. I’m guessing this was probably the point of releasing this single at all in Jellyfish Entertainment’s “Jellybox Project” (basically SM Station but in a different company), but still. It is possible to make a ballad, even a sad one, good.

Now I know that this song was produced by Zico of Block B and was inspired by a letter Sejeong wrote to her mother about being a supportive role model when she was younger, but man I’m surprised Zico didn’t come up with a good track for it. I mean, I know this type of thing is not supposed to be bubbly and happy, but there are some interesting things you can do with a slow instrumental (see here and here).

Despite my dislike for it, I am not too surprised this song ended up achieving an all-kill on some Kpop charts, so that probably means Sejeong will be doing this stuff when she inevitably gets a solo album…which is kinda sad. I always pegged Sejeong on doing stuff that would let her personality shine, but this just makes her seem like wallpaper in a place she should stand out in.


Ah well.

On the bright side, the video is nice and interesting to watch with some cute scenes that will likely bring you back to your own childhood with your own mother, and at least it doesn’t have a sad ending like many ballad music videos have. So…good job there.

What did you guys think of this song? Do you think Sejeong should do more songs like this? Let me know in the comments below!


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