Hyoyeon Has Potential in “Mystery”


Best known as being the “shafted” member of Girls’ Generation, the announcement of Hyoyeon’s very own single in the “SM STATION” series, Hyoyeon fans rejoiced.

Hyoyeon was never a SNSD member of my concern mainly because I’ve never been a stan of Girls’ Generation. Sure, some of their music is great, but they are far from the first group I’d listen to beyond the fact they remain the Nation’s Girl Group (sorry TWICE). I also haven’t paid attention to the STATION releases mainly because there are way too many of them and I’m too lazy to look at them all, but I decided to make an exception.

“Mystery” is an uptempo dance track with a bit of Indian flavor mixed in. At first I immediately appealed to it because it had a dark and, well, “mysterious” quality to it. It’s also not too much of a surprise either. Hyoyeon has always been portrayed as SNSD’s residence aggressive badass, so this kind of song is fitting with her image. It also plays to the fact she’s only a vocalist and main dancer since there’s no big vocal moments.

However, one of my main qualms with the song is how repetitive the chorus is. The repetition of “mystery” drives the song home as about a mysterious girl, but it felt like a very lazy way to go about a hook. Luckily it does the job, but some more attention to the chorus would have made this so much better, but it doesn’t take away from the song as a whole (which means I really, really like it).


The video kind of falls along that same lazy path by showing a lot of dancing (no surprise when Hyoyeon is the main dancer in SNSD), a few still shots, and some stuff with Hyoyeon walking through hallways and people suddenly waking up at her presence. There’s not much to it, which feels like more proof this was just a way to shut Hyoyeon’s fans up about how she needs a solo release.

Hopefully with success, Hyoyeon will get an actual solo debut in the future. All this shows right now is the potential Hyoyeon has as a solo artist, and so far it doesn’t look too bad. With an image like this, I have a feeling she could become a new favorite.

Take notes, SM Entertainment. Hyoyeon’s got a lot going for her. Don’t fucking waste it.

What did you guys think of this release? Do you think Hyoyeon has potential to be a solo artist. Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you guys next time!




2 thoughts on “Hyoyeon Has Potential in “Mystery”

  1. […] Last year I reviewed a song called “Mystery” by Hyoyeon under SM Station, and in the review I mentioned that I never really cared for Hyoyeon as a member. The same story goes for Seohyun (and in fact, most of Girls’ Generation). The song borrows from a lot of American trends via Ariana Grande, but Seohyun doesn’t have quite the same vocal power, leaving Seohyun almost lost in the big instrumental. This is another song I looked at and initially disliked, but my personal love for Ariana makes this song get over the line. […]


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