Laboum’s “Winter Story” is the Peppy Winter Single Sweetune Wishes They Released


Last time we saw Laboum, they’d just come out with their bubbly and fun summer single, “Shooting Love,” which I really enjoyed for its peppy tone and funny music video about sabotage. Now four months later, they’re out with a new song meant to capture the winter magic without being too Christmas-y. The result of that effort is “Winter Story,” which sounds like all the Sweetune music I’ve missed over the past few years.

The song is a symphonic number fit for the winter season. With a soaring introduction of holiday bells and symphonic strings, the song quickly falls into sugary Kpop with electronic drums, funky guitar, and piano mixed with violins to add a flourish to the entire track. This sounds very different from the girl group releases over the past couple months, and that’s mainly because it sounds like the Sweetune single girl groups didn’t release this year (which is a shame, by the way). I couldn’t find who actually released the song, though, so if any of you know who produced this track, please let me know (especially if it actually is Sweetune).

It’s a song unusually peppy for winter, which explains what I couldn’t last review: Laboum’s sound is full of pep, even in their more midtempo numbers (save for maybe “What About You,” which was a masterpiece of its own). It’s the kind of song I wouldn’t mind putting on my Christmas playlist because it’s got enough energy to keep me awake unlike some holiday songs.


However, it isn’t just the song that doesn’t seem to fit the mold of winter. Other than the pretty white dresses and bundling up of the members in individual scenes, there is a lot of scenes of full trees, flowers, and, well, spring. I think this is meant to complement how lively the song is, and it works. I love it when a music video goes for the unconventional to the season, and this fits the bill very well. On top of this, all the girls look gorgeous in their individual scenes as well as their dance sequences. I think this is the best they’ve looked ever.


Suffice to say, I love this comeback, even if it isn’t one for a full album – or even a mini. Instead, it’s a single that is meant to be a gift for the fans after all their hard work this year. It’s nice to see them back in the spotlight. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep hoping for their breakout single because they deserve so much more than being perpetual rookies like some of their labelmates.

What did you guys think of Laboum’s comeback? Do you guys miss Sweetune? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!



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