SEVENTEEN Tries To Break Into A Ship In “BoomBoom” and Fails Miserably

They are turning their heads in shame at the thought.

After releasing a whopping four great singles early in their careers, SEVENTEEN looks more and more like they’ll be Pledis Entertainment’s biggest breadwinners. They are also one my sister’s favorite bands in this current generation. Touting only thirteen of the original seventeen members promised in promotions, they’ve taken the Kpop world by storm.

Now, they’re rounding out the year with yet another single called “BoomBoom,” which looks like it wants to divert a little bit from the sound SEVENTEEN has established for itself, but falls flat in comparison to everything else they’ve released.

The song fits a lot of the same parameters that many of SEVENTEEN’s releases have in the past – fun and energetic instrumentals that fall into almost retro territory, minimal rapping, and lots of switching abruptly between the thirteen members. However, the energy that made them famous in the Kpop community is noticeably diminished here. The song starts out with a lot of momentum in the verses, but the chorus is jarring because it seems to start two different times (it took me five listens to recognize where the chorus was) and by the time we reach the “boom boom” end of the chorus it lacks…well, boom. This change in momentum comes to the detriment of the song because it’s never able to recover what it started with in the first verse, save for near the end of the bridge when they add some electric guitars in the mix to spice things up for the final chorus.

However, the good part of the song is when this energy is still building up before the chorus takes it down a notch. It also sticks to the sound they gained fans while diverging a little so they don’t become stale. On top of this, it’s also the end of the year and for the rest of the year you’ll be hard-pressed to find something crazy energetic like you do in the summer or even fall months.

The video also does something different than previous SEVENTEEN singles. Before, their videos were defined by high-production value, bright, well-lit sets, and watching the boys be goofy and ridiculous, especially in front of a girl they have a crush on. Great examples of this are “Very Nice” and “Mansae.” However, this video takes on some darker tones with smoke in the background of dance sequences, dark-to-black wardrobe, and specifically the “bedroom” that one of the members walks into and sits by eating a donut and drinking some coffee.


I guess the main plot of the video is SEVENTEEN hacking and breaking into a building, but messing it up so much the building starts blowing up. Thankfully, they don’t play to the trend of showing the violence of blood and gore like some comebacks over the past few months, and instead it still plays on the fun. However, these shots are so dispersed in the music video it’s actually hard to piece together what the “storyline” is unless you’re looking for it. That’s because the main course of the music video is the dance sequence, and even it seems to suffer from the lack of “boom.”

He knew this whole plan would go wrong, but nobody wanted to listen.


The main problem I have with this comeback is how it diverges specifically from the image the members have established. Instead of the funny antics of old, we get a more “hey, we’re cool guys and we break into shit” vibe, and there’s more than enough of that clogging the Kpop atmosphere lately. Granted, there’s still some humor here because “breaking into shit” goes very, very wrong at the end of the video, but I guess it just wasn’t what I was looking for this comeback. It’s very rare that we have a group that’s funny and seems to enjoy themselves, and I really hope SEVENTEEN sticks to that. That being said, it was very nice to see a change in SEVENTEEN’s formula, even if it was for just one comeback.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be listening to “Mansae” as I prepare my end-of-the-year lists in Kpop.

What did you guys think of this comeback? Do you like this SEVENTEEN or the SEVENTEEN in “Mansae” and “Very Nice”? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!


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