Nae’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2017


It’s January 1st, and while some people are kicking their hangovers or still sleeping because it’s a blessed day off, I’m sitting at my dining room table and reflecting on how I can make my blog better in 2017. As we all know, there is no day better to start thinking about how to change ourselves than the first of a new year. New year, new Nae, amiright?

Please kill me.

In all actuality though, there have been some things I’ve thought about doing this year that would be different from the norm. If you’ve been following me for long enough, you know that most of my posts consist of detailed music reviews or my “Songs I Missed” segment (where basically all the stuff I don’t care about or missed gets corralled). However, what I realize is that this blog needs a little more variety so I can keep writing it, so one plan is to put in some new segments here like detailed music video interpretations, or commentary on all the dumb gossip that comes through Allkpop that I ultimately don’t care about but want to debunk or put into rational arguments. I already have two articles planned that deal with just that, so anticipate it.

I also want to keep a more consistent presence on this blog because I’ve noticed there’ve been times I’ve gone a month without posting. That doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable that I may take small hiatuses because I also have college I need to keep up with (and I really like my 3.7 GPA), but I will at the very least try my best.

At the end of the day though, I am just happy that there are people who do take a look at my blog (even if it’s just four or five of you) and I hope that this year will be amazing in Kpop, this blog, and the people who follow it.

Coming up are three reviews on some new Kpop that just recently came out (one just at the tail end of last year, the other two from this year), and some offshoot segments of stuff I wanted to talk about for some time. I hope you guys had a safe New Year’s, and I will see you next time!


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