AOA Are Squad Goals in “Excuse Me”


The second song for their double release for Angel’s Knock, I feel that it’s the better one out of the two, and one of the main reasons is because the chorus doesn’t butcher everything (and neither does Jimin).

If you listened to AOA before, then you know that this is from Brave Brothers. It goes back to the vibe from “Heart Attack” (but frankly isn’t quite as good as it). The high point is the chorus because of how smooth and melodic it is to listen to. In fact, now that I think about it this sounds very much like something T-ara would release back in their hay-day. It’s got the catchy chorus, the (sort of) disco feel. Like, if Brave Brothers came out with this earlier T-ara would have totally pulled it off and it would be great and all would be right in the world.

That doesn’t mean that AOA doing this is a bad thing. It’s the kind of sexy song AOA is known for and it fits them like a glove (even if I think T-ara would have done it slightly better…but I’m also being biased in that). It directly contrasts “Bing Bing” in the fact it isn’t as messy (even though “Bing Bing” is growing on me as a hot-mess guilty-pleasure track) and Jimin can’t even derail this one. Her parts are remarkably short for an AOA track, which means her squeaky tone can’t ruin everything good about “Excuse Me.”

As a video, “Excuse Me” is also much better because of what it implies.

It opens with all the girls gathered around ChoA as she explains a game plan for everyone about this specific guy. We’ll call him Fedora Man for shits and giggles.

Then, we end up watching some of the girls stalking and watching this guy in a fedora, while others break into his house, get his fingerprints, and recording his phone calls. And because there is no direct cause for why they’re looking for him (like a criminal act, for example), we can conclude that AOA is a squad of best friends trying to get Seolhyun with Fedora Man. So they literally create this elaborate plan for them to get alone together (although not really alone because Seolhyun finds him in a subway and then they’re alone in her office where she basically demands him to take off his stupid fedora and give her his phone number). All this stalking in reality is to a) figure out that he’s a writer of romance novels (that’s why that one member takes this piece of paper from his typewriter, and the reason he goes back to get it is because he needs confirmation on something that happened in a specific scene), and b) make sure that Seolhyun and Fedora Man meet up at the same place at the right time.

That face when you thought you were gonna ruin ChoA’s master plan to get Seolhyun some Fedora Man and you just barely get caught.

And ChoA is the mastermind behind making all this happen.


But seriously, on an objective level this video is quite good. There is a lack of color in the video (much of the filters are brown or white and the scenery is unusually dull for a Kpop music video), but it makes sense considering this is supposed to be taking place sometime in the 1950s. The outfits are cute as hell in the dance sequences and the solo shots of the members are also really attractive and awesome to look at.

When you have best friends who care about your love life so much they help you to get yo man.

Overall, I love this entire part of AOA’s comeback much better than “Bing Bing,” which seems to be something I agree with the public on (how rare is that?). Also, AOA is still flopping on Melon which really sucks because “Excuse Me” is some of the best material AOA’s come out with and it would be a shame if AOA’s company started thinking people hate this shit and decide to change their sound altogether. Now that would be tragic.

P.S. As a sidenote, I work as a server in real life and I can tell you right now if you pull some shit like Jimin did (spilling the water all over Fedora Man, taking his coffee just before he drinks it), your manager would be wondering what the fuck was wrong with that cup of coffee and you’d get yelled at for serving him a bad cup of coffee. Not to mention that is a really easy way to get fired, especially if you’re on the job and doing something like recording someone’s fingerprints on a coffee mug.

That is all.


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