Songs I Missed #7: HELLOVENUS, SONAMOO, Rain, and more!


Welcome to the second week of 2017!

Less releases have been coming out this week, so it’s much easier to keep track of everything. However, school is not and therefore I’m gonna need to include a lot of them in this list anyway. We’re seeing a lot of releases from rookie groups, as well as a couple debuts. So, without further adieu, let’s get into the songs I missed!

Jun K. – “Your Wedding” (January 3rd, 2017)

I only put this here because it’s boring and I hate it.

SONAMOO – “I Think I Love You” (January 8th, 2017)

I haven’t kept up too much with SONAMOO but from what I’ve heard from the public they’re one of the more underrated Kpop groups out there. Originally starting with a badass concept in “Déjà vu,” they’ve diluted the angst and instead have gone for a sporty concept. “I Think I Love You” is a synth-pop track and with an electric guitar line. It seems that companies have an obsession with trains, train stations, and subways lately because the music video takes place in a deserted and rather dingy subway station. The video is nothing truly remarkable, but at least the dancing looks fun. I hope SONAMOO finds some success with this one because I fear for them if this doesn’t work out.

HELLOVENUS – “Mysterious” (January 10th, 2017)

It goes for a lot of the same things AOA did for “Bing Bing” as a song (the 1950s sound with an electronic twist) and “Excuse Me” (the girls investigating an attractive guy, except instead of working so one girl can get the guy, they’re all working for themselves). The song is decent, especially in the verses and in the rap bridge. I found myself humming this around my college after initially thinking it was a wasted opportunity.

I – “I Wish” (January 11th, 2017)

I saw a lot of promotion material for this debut, but I didn’t know what to expect from it. An electronica-infused single, the song doesn’t seem like anything special from the first listen, but some much-needed energy hits at the chorus and it’s enough to warrant a few replays. However, I feel like I (who I will now refer to as Cha Yoonji because you’re gonna be confused if I use her stage name) got the short end of the stick. You can tell from the music video she wants to break out and give more energy to the performance, but the director keeps telling her she needs to tone it down. Either way, I like this and I hope she gets something more upbeat next time because then I think she’ll really shine.

Jun K. – “No Shadow” (January 11th, 2017)

The entry of the more boring songs coming out in 2017, I found myself falling asleep on my keyboard as I listened to it. Also there’s some weird bit in the second verse with annoying electronic sounds which I guess are supposed to indicate being drunk but it just comes off the same way a hangover does – bad and annoying. falls asleep

WALWARI – “Hakuna Matata” (January 11th, 2017)

I rarely venture this deep into the Kpop world, but Wikipedia’s list of 2017 releases brought me here. It’s really fucking weird because I can’t tell if WALWARI is a co-ed group or a collaboration or what. Either way it’s odd and I don’t see it taking off anywhere. Ahh, Kpop, your weirdness sometimes astounds me.

Rain – “The Best Present” (January 14th, 2017)

Lots of people have praised Rain for being a sex symbol in Kpop, but Rain was never my type of guy and I don’t remember ever liking his music. The trend continues with this one because this ballad bored me and, while noble, Rain just doesn’t give me Michael Jackson vibes the way this music video suggests.


And that’s it from me this week. May you all have a wonderful weekend and please anticipate my next posts for Kpop releases. Looks like we’ve got a lot of solo debuts on the way, and probably a lot of homework on my end. Until next post, stay awesome!


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