Rest in Peace, SPICA

I’m about as happy about this as anyone who was ever a fan of SPICA.

In other words, I’m not happy about this at all.

I am probably heading into shitpost territory for even posting about this, especially considering I am being late about my Songs I Missed list (it will be coming out soon, I promise!), but here I am because this is just one of those things I need to get off my chest.

It seems that lately there’s just been disbandment after disbandment of female groups high-profile or mid-tier. A whopping four disbandments happened last year, and just this year Wonder Girls announced their disbandment as well. And granted, while Wonder Girls was a bit of a blow, everyone could’ve seen that coming from a mile away. Even with “I Feel You” and “Why So Lonely” marketing them to a new audience, it just seemed like a painfully slow death you wanted to just happen already, even with Wonder Girls being marketed to a new audience with their retro concepts.

But SPICA? Girl.

That’s a different story because this was the first rookie girl group I ever knew about.

If you know anything about my history in Kpop, you would know that I didn’t start really listening to Kpop until November 2011. SPICA was a group that debuted in 2012, and I remember being totally enamored with them. “Russian Roulette” was just one of those songs so underrated by most Kpop fans, and it was a song I came back to now and again when I needed to listen to something dark and vocally sound.

I’ll admit that I never really got into some of their other songs, like “You Don’t Love Me” or “Painkiller,” but “Tonight” was such a bop, and so was “Lonely” and “I’ll Be There” when I was in the right mood. They weren’t the most conventional group in the world, but I was always rooting for them in the sidelines, just hoping that they’d take off one way or another. It’s just sad that it never happened because there was so much SPICA had to offer.

Oh yeah, and their music for me is way more palatable than anything MAMAMOO, their rival as far as image goes, has ever come out with.

It’s just a shame, and it’s devastating because now I can say I’ve been in the Kpop fandom long enough to see a group I loved both debut and disband. It makes me feel old around here, but it makes me happy that I had the chance to enjoy SPICA for what they were – a group with amazing voices and great songs that just went through a trail of bad luck and bad timing that ultimately tanked them.

And it just kind of sucks.

Songs I Missed should be coming out in the next day or two. Until next time…





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