Twice Continues to Enamor Me With Their Charm in “Knock Knock”


If you remember my review on “TT” last year, you would know that unlike everyone else I wasn’t a big fan of TWICE. I didn’t get the hype for them, even as “Like Ooh Ahh” and “Cheer Up” achieved major success. Funnily enough, it wasn’t until their third effort in “TT” I began to recognize what people were getting hyped about. The biggest thing about TWICE as a whole is this: how much you like the song depends on how much you like the hook. “TT” was a hook that did it for me, and afterwards I was really excited to see what else TWICE had up their sleeves to charm me with.

Well, “Knock Knock” knocked it out of the park with charm this time around, and I am happy to say this is my favorite effort from them so far.

(Did you see my pun there? Please tell me you saw my pun. Praise my pun in the comments for my gratification.)

“Knock Knock” picks up where “TT” left off, starting the track off with the ending track from the “TT” music video. The song is a simple synth-driven song, with some funk-inspired instrumentals and some tinkles as well. In fact, the instrumental is again one that takes up the background mostly and doesn’t do much to steer away from that. Its chorus is also insanely catchy with the “knock knock knock knock knock on my door” part and just the chorus in general. In the vocals department, there’s nothing to write home about, but they serve their purpose in the fact they travel with the instrumental and say the lyrics fine.


There is something about the upbeat energy and fun this song relishes in that I’ve missed from Kpop, and I think part of that is because TWICE is very much a Kpop throwback. Songs pre-2012 were much more about being catchy and lasting with a listener than being artsy and impressing anyone, and it’s that kind of pop music I tend to enjoy more than anything else. It’s simple, it’s catchy, and it doesn’t carry any big messages in it beyond having some fun.

And that isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for big messages on my palette in music, because there is. But I’ve just found the stuff I like the most to be the simple, happy stuff.


The music video is also fun and exciting in a way the other music videos weren’t. All three of their previous singles seemed to be more about putting the girls in costumes and making them characters. It’s a gimmick that I like because it’s an excuse to put the girls in attractive stuff while also revealing facets of their personality, but it can get stale. “Knock Knock” takes a different approach in letting the girls exist as they likely would in real life. It shows a lot more of their personalities than their previous songs did. It’s also ridiculous with the pillow fights, the sleepover antics, and the excitement about the snow. There is also an interesting stop-motion aesthetic that helps in giving off this fun vibe in places the sleepover scenes don’t.

Not to mention the visuals were serving more than usual this time around.


The only complaint I have is I noticed there was very little Tzuyu in this video. She had a couple of shots, so it wasn’t like she was basically shafted for the entire music video (like our friend Sungyeol), but she got noticeably less screen time than everyone else, and that made me sad.

Tzuyu looks like I feel about the fact she didn’t get much screen time.

After this comeback, I think it’s safe to say that TWICE has earned the badge of keeping my attention. I mean…I’m just about fluent in knowing who the members are, and “Knock Knock” has been on replay ever since it came out…

Oh shit. I think I’m a TWICE fan.




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