The “Nae Catches Up on Kpop” Project (Part 1)

The Nae Catches Up on Kpop Project 1

So unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll probably notice that I haven’t been posting at all about the current situation of Kpop for about a month now. There will be a couple series meant to catch me up on all the stuff regarding Kpop over the past few days so I’m all caught up.

That being said, I have to admit that Kpop hasn’t been all that inspiring as far as comebacks go. Other than a few different comebacks over the past month, there haven’t been too many releases that have totally caught my eye. Therefore, starting with the week where I stopped paying attention, I’ve decided to post one-to-three sentence responses to the songs. It’ll make it easy to get these posts out faster, but also it means I don’t have to drone on about songs that bored me.

Now let’s start where I left off: February 20th, 2017:

San E – “What If?” (February 22nd, 2017)

I am beginning to think that San E is actually South Korea’s equivalent to Drake – always releasing new singles, and each one of those singles tends to be boring and vapid, save for the occasional awesome song that happens once every blue moon. I guess the verse San E dropped on Ravi’s “Bomb” was that once-in-a-blue moon thing.

ASTRO – “Should’ve Held Onto You” (February 22nd, 2017)

Rumor has it that there was supposed to be a music video for this song, but the music video didn’t fit their current image so they scrapped it? Either way what a shame because this continues ASTRO’s streak of consistently good songs, and that makes me happy (just give it a music video or something because seriously ASTRO needs the promotion, Fantagio).

Also, I am aware that I just posted the entire album on here, and that is because you should listen to it — so there.

100% — “Sketch U” (February 22nd, 2017)

It seems that 100% is Sweetune’s new best friend (and therefore my best friend) because this song is so fucking reminiscent of Sunggyu’s work with them during his 60 Seconds album (which is a good thing). Also, I like that we see some straight up kissing and implications of sex in this music video because it’s such a rare thing in Kpop.

Jong Shin Yoon ft. Zico – “WI-FI” (February 23rd, 2017)

Upon the first listen of the instrumental, I thought we were gonna get an interesting, mid-tempo song, but what we got was this ballad with weird auto-tune elements where it just…falls flat. It’s the kind of song I wouldn’t turn off it came on the radio, but would not have found on my own either. Meh.

BTOB – “Someday” (February 24th, 2017)

From what I can figure out, this is meant to be a pre-release single before the actual comeback, and weirdly for a ballad it isn’t all that bad. It’s sad and reminds me way too much of winter and cold days (which are not fun in Florida, by the way), but it doesn’t bore me to the point I want to fall asleep on my keyboard.

APRIL – “The Way You Are” (February 26th, 2017)

This song is surprisingly meh after they killed it with “April Story” earlier this year. Also, another song without a music video. Getting kinda annoying this time around.

Lovelyz – “WoW!” (February 27th, 2017)

I was looking forward to this comeback and preparing myself for it by listening to all of their previous singles and reflecting on how cute Sujeong is. However, I did find myself disappointed with this in comparison to their previous releases because it didn’t pack a lot of punch like their previous comebacks did. Better luck next time, girls.


And that’s it for Part 1. Stick around for Part 2, which will be coming into fruition very, very soon. Until then, I’ll see you guys next time! Bye now!



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