Songs I Missed #11: IU, Girl’s Day, A-Pink, and more!

Songs I Missed 11
No, I’m not using this gif because I’m liking A-Pink in any way at all.

And so, the “Nae Catches Up on Kpop” project has been done with, and so we bring in the next “Songs I Missed” post for the last week (yes I know I’m late I’m trying to play it off as if I’m not). Starting from March 22nd, and extending all the way to March 29th, here’s my take on last week’s releases!

LIPBUBBLE – “Popcorn” (March 22nd, 2017)

On top of the fact that LIPBUBBLE is just a weird name for a girl group, we also have a cheap-looking (but legit) music video uploaded by a fan instead of by an official channel. What is interesting about this song is the fact that it’s surprisingly catchy despite all of that. Give it a listen when you get the chance, because it “pops” in this surprisingly barren season for Kpop.

IU – “Through the Night” (March 24th, 2017)

It’s ballads like this that made it hard for me to like IU in the first place because they do nothing but bore me to tears. Her voice is sweet and the music video is cinematic, but I’m hoping for something like “Twenty-Three” or “Monday Afternoon” for the title track.

Girl’s Day – “I’ll Be Yours” (March 27th, 2017)

This is the kind of song MAMAMOO should’ve done to gain my attention, but Girl’s Day did it first and I think they did a better job. I already bought the album for this and the rest of you should too because all of the b-sides are worth your time (and money).

A-Pink – “Bye Bye” (March 29th, 2017)

Remember when I said a while ago that A-Pink isn’t appealing to me as much as other cutesy groups? Well, they are slowly winning me over and I am begrudgingly accepting their latest singles (and by begrudgingly, I mean I’m realizing how wrong I am about thinking they’re boring because while they stick to one concept consistently, they do it well).


And that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next time! Bye bye (oh no, A-Pink is definitely winning me over now shit now what am I going to do…)!


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