BLACKPINK’s Comeback Teaser Looks Like A Swag-fest from Hell

As some of you might know, I am probably one of the few people blogging about Kpop that even remotely likes BLACKPINK. Most people call them “2NE1 2.0” or any amount of other names to just denigrate them as a bottom-of-the-pack girl group. However, if you’ve been following me for a while you would also know that “Playing With Fire” was in my Top 3 Songs of the Year. I’ve been waiting for a BLACKPINK comeback for ages, but this just isn’t it.


In this teaser, we get some shots of the members doing a dance thing in front of some pillars, which I guess is supposed to look cool? Lisa is in the front for almost every group shot, and she is featured much more heavily in the solo shots than the other members. Part of me wonders if this was supposed to be a Lisa teaser because you see her above everyone else.

The good points is that this looks like it’s gonna be a bright music video in that 2012-2013 way that I loved so much when I first started listening to Kpop. The bad points is that this teaser doesn’t show much more than a swagfest type deal.

And the music featured is kind of atrocious.

It sounds like “Boombayah” on steroids, and not even in a good way. At least “Boombayah” had some excitement and flow that was somewhat appealing. The bells and whistles in this one hurt my ears, and if the song is going to sound anything like this I might have to bounce and leave this one alone.

All I wanted was another “Playing With Fire,” but what I got was a tricked out “Boombayah.”

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong about this one.


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