Nae is a twenty-year-old college student attending the University of Florida as an English major. She has been writing pieces about anything and everything since a young age, and it shows in the fact that she can’t stop herself from writing if she tried. The hope is to be a novelist or work in a publishing company, but the plan is to keep writing in her life as much as possible.

Nae also happens to have been a fan of Kpop for almost six years.

Some of Nae’s favorite groups include INFINITE, Girl’s Day, 9Muses, Lovelyz, and VIXX (LR). She is a sucker for anything that sounds like the eighties and has a severe dislike for obnoxious horns or similarly terrible noises. Repetition and jarring changes in tempo are not dealbreakers for liking songs, but no build or a build with a bad drop can be.

Nae the Kpop Junkie does not claim she knows any technicalities about music. She just loves music and likes to comment on it from time to time. She also likes to write about herself in third person.