Songs I Missed #11: IU, Girl’s Day, A-Pink, and more!

Songs I Missed 11
No, I’m not using this gif because I’m liking A-Pink in any way at all.

And so, the “Nae Catches Up on Kpop” project has been done with, and so we bring in the next “Songs I Missed” post for the last week (yes I know I’m late I’m trying to play it off as if I’m not). Starting from March 22nd, and extending all the way to March 29th, here’s my take on last week’s releases!

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Songs I Missed #5: A-Pink and EXO


I was reading through some Kpop news sites, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the more interesting releases are gonna start coming back by January, which explains why I’ve got only two songs to review this week .

This is gonna be pretty short.
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A-Pink’s New Comeback Is…Well…



A-Pink is one of those groups I never got into. I’m not really sure why, since A-Pink seems to represent everything I like about girl groups: sweet, sugary pop, really pretty girls, interesting music videos, not bad vocals. Usually in those cases, I tend to blame it on the songs A-Pink is given rather than the members themselves. Out of their entire careers, the only song I ever really liked from A-Pink was “Mr. Chu” from 2014, and it’s still a mystery why I like it so much.

Why does Nae like this so much? Is it the bouncy balls? The colorful setting? The yellow boxes?! The world may never know.

But I digress. We’re not talking about A-Pink’s career or even “Mr. Chu,” but actually their newest comeback, “Only One,” which gives me mixed feels at best as far as whether or not I like it.

Maybe it has to do with my previous prejudices against them because I never got into their stuff, but it’s very hard to deny that it’s a sweet song. Maybe not a song I’ll actively seek out in the future, but it’s a song that if it was playing on the radio I wouldn’t turn off. The sound is the usual A-Pink fair with pretty synths, except this time some guitar is thrown in between the choruses to add some flare to an otherwise sweeter-than-candy tone. Naturally, the girls sound great throughout the song, although I was surprised at the lack of Eunji throughout the track since she’s easily the most recognizable face of the group, let alone the best vocalist. This is perhaps because the song doesn’t call for the big vocalists to shine. Instead, most of the song is taken up by the other members, which is both a welcome change but it also makes A-Pink lose a bit of color towards their sound as a whole. For the most part it actually feels more like a pre-release before the big material from A-Pink’s latest album comes out, but I think this is the actual comeback.

And yet despite all this, it would be criminal to deny A-Pink credit in the music video realm. Everything about the filming speaks of late summer, whether it be the whitish filter throughout the song, or the fact that most of it looks like it’s somewhere between afternoon and dusk rather in bright daytime. The color palette uses a lot of pink and red (unsurprising since their name is, you know, A-Pink) and the members look great. Strangely A-Pink seems to hang onto the cutesy concept that made them famous – one member is pouring a pitcher of dark pink glitter on the ground while another holds a big bouquet of flowers in a garden, and still another writes in a journal (supposedly about her “only one”). It’s no surprise since A-Pink is a senior group now and stuck in a weird place of wanting to mature but also keep to the very things that made them famous.

“Cute smile. Cute eyes. Cute style. Just…cute.”

Either way, it’s one of those comebacks where I’m not particularly thrilled about it, but I’m not angry or unhappy with it – which is basically most of what A-Pink does for me. I can only hope in the future they might release something else like “Mr. Chu” again, but perhaps that song was a once in a blue moon thing.

At least they gave me that one.


What did you guys think of A-Pink’s comeback? Do you like A-Pink in general? Why or why not? Comment below and let me know!