Songs I Missed #12: Dreamcatcher, DAY6, Teen Top, and more!

Songs I Missed 12

Good afternoon, my fellow Kpoppers.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I thought I would take the time to write some posts about the past few weeks’ releases. This is gonna be a long list because a lot of big names have come out with some new songs, and for once I’m keeping up with Kpop really well. However, I’ll have to split things into two different Songs I Missed lists because I don’t want to overload one post with, like, 30 videos. So here’s 15 of the songs I’ve missed!

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Songs I Missed #2: MAMAMOO, DIA, and Song Ji Eun


I get busy sometimes, and I can’t do a full review on everything, so this is my attempt to make up for lost time and write short-and-sweet reviews on a few different songs I missed over the past couple of weeks.

MAMAMOO – New York

This song was floating around my Youtube timeline for a long time and for some reason I never got around to reviewing it, so here is me doing it now. I have had a really hard time getting into their sound since their collaboration with K.Will in “Peppermint Chocolate,” but I really like this song. Ironically, the bridges between the verses and the choruses are the catchiest parts of the song, while the chorus plays as the weakest part of the song. The music video is your usual affair of individual shots along with a loosely created story about how these girls were making it out like they were in New York when really it was just some booth they created to play out a fantasy about it. A solid pre-release, but I’m hoping MAMAMOO can bring more to the table with their actual comeback in October.

DIA – Mr. Potter

The latest group coming out of MBK (who also support the evil bullies T-ara and the whiny balladists Davichi), I was looking forward to Harry Potter as the basis of their theme. The song itself is a perfect introduction to the Halloween season, whether it be from the introduction to the dreamy chorus. What they did with the Harry Potter concept, though, feels more like a three-way mix between Harry Potter’s train station, Little Red Riding Hood’s forest, and Alice in Wonderland’s whimsy put under a neon pastel backdrop. I wish there were more scenes of the girls in a darker palette like the forest towards the end, but the music video is still very attractive to look at and I love it.

Song Ji Eun – Bobby Doll

I have been a big fan of Song Ji Eun since her debut in 2014 with “False Hope.” Save for her last comeback, “25,” Ji Eun has always gone for a dark, melancholic, and sexy sound and image, and the same occurs in “Bobby Doll.” The song itself seems to go for something more mid-tempo and jazzy rather than the ballads of the past. On top of this, the music video serves as a commentary on the concept of idols (something I plan to cover on another blog post). It’s another solid release in Ji Eun’s repertoire, which is always a very good thing in my book.

Now if only SECRET can get another comeback, although that’s looking sticky since SECRET’s contracts expire next month and there have already been rumors of Sunhwa leaving the group.

EDIT: A few hours after I posted this Sunhwa announced officially leaving SECRET. I think I jinxed it.


And that’s it from me! Which of these three comebacks did you like the most? The least? Comment below and let me know!