The “Nae Catches Up on Kpop” Project (Part 3)

The Nae Catches Up on Kpop Project 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the “Nae Catches Up on Kpop” project, in which I try my best to catch up on all the major releases that have cropped up in the past month since I’ve been gone.

Since last post’s went up to March 6th , this post will be going up to March 14th. As I mentioned in the past two posts, these will not be full paragraph reviews. Rather, I will spend 1-3 sentences talking about the various releases – both to save time and also so I don’t have to drone on about boring releases.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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GOT7 Performs a Song B.A.P. Would’ve Been Proud of in “Hard Carry”


One thing that’s great about running this blog is I get to listen to stuff I never would’ve paid attention to otherwise. This song and group is one of them.

Okay, so granted I listened to their debut “Girls, Girls, Girls” in 2014 and was put off by the “swagger” image, mainly because it reminded me of all those fuckboys in high school that thought they were hot shit. So I haven’t really taken a look at their other stuff. But just from this release along I’m willing to listen to their entire discography. It packs a punch that the boy groups have been lacking over the past few months, and it reminds me how much I like it when guys have some attitude and energy in Kpop. Upon first listen it actually felt like a long-lost B.A.P. single that we should’ve gotten in their prime. If I had one complaint about this song, though, it would probably be the use of English in the pre-chorus.

“Let’s fuck again, fuck again, fly again. I got this right.”

The music video is surprisingly simple for a group coming out of JYP Entertainment. Most of the video is individual shots of the members and dance sequences. It doesn’t leave much room to pay attention to the sets. I could discern there was a plane, a pile of cars for the dance sequences, and a water tank a guy got submerged in for some reason.

You okay there, buddy?

But, as per JYP fashion, the sets look really freaking good, but still look subtle enough that the members can still “hard carry” the song and video.

Please tell me I’m funny.

Needless to say, I’m going to slap myself on the wrist because clearly I need to give more male groups beyond the well-established ones a chance.

What did you think of GOT7’s comeback? Am I a terrible person for sleeping on them for so long? Leave a comment below and let me know!


EDIT: Oh yeah, I also listened to “Just Right” by them a year ago and I really liked it but for some reason never associated it with the group. My memory is shot.