Songs I Missed #13: A Different Format, and a Lot of Kpop

Songs I Missed 13

Good morning, fellow Kpoppers!

As you probably know by now, I get really behind on Kpop releases, and it’s not a good time when I am inactive for months on end and still need to comment on a bunch of them. So, I am trying out a new format so I can point out all the things that are good, the okay, and the bad. It might make things a little more interesting and fun to look at, or it might just be annoying and not that great.

The past few months of Kpop have had a lot of really good singles. The warmer months always seem to bring the best out of Kpop, so it’s super exciting to watch things get better and better. Unfortunately, both SISTAR and T-ARA are leaving Kpop for good, so that has made the past few months sad at times. However, what we have is a lot of music to go through, so let’s get started!

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Songs I Missed #6: BONUS Baby, Cosmic Girls, NCT 127, and more!


The first week of January is upon us, and that means a lot of comebacks. Much of this has to do with the fact we’re finally out of Christmas territory, so anybody’s more serious comebacks are coming out of the woodwork. It also means I just started college again, so I won’t be able to keep up as frequently with Kpop releases. However, my “Songs I Missed” series is gonna be a regular weekly roundup of songs that didn’t get full reviews from me because either there wasn’t much for a full post or because I didn’t care enough. Either way, it’s a more holistic way for me to sift and keep up without feeling obligated to write a big post for everything.

But enough of my ranting. Here’s my thoughts on Kpop this week:

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SEVENTEEN Tries To Break Into A Ship In “BoomBoom” and Fails Miserably

They are turning their heads in shame at the thought.

After releasing a whopping four great singles early in their careers, SEVENTEEN looks more and more like they’ll be Pledis Entertainment’s biggest breadwinners. They are also one my sister’s favorite bands in this current generation. Touting only thirteen of the original seventeen members promised in promotions, they’ve taken the Kpop world by storm.

Now, they’re rounding out the year with yet another single called “BoomBoom,” which looks like it wants to divert a little bit from the sound SEVENTEEN has established for itself, but falls flat in comparison to everything else they’ve released.

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