Songs I Missed #12: Dreamcatcher, DAY6, Teen Top, and more!

Songs I Missed 12

Good afternoon, my fellow Kpoppers.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I thought I would take the time to write some posts about the past few weeks’ releases. This is gonna be a long list because a lot of big names have come out with some new songs, and for once I’m keeping up with Kpop really well. However, I’ll have to split things into two different Songs I Missed lists because I don’t want to overload one post with, like, 30 videos. So here’s 15 of the songs I’ve missed!

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The “Nae Catches Up On Kpop” Project (Part 2)

The Nae Catches Up on Kpop Project 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the project in which I try my best to catch up on Kpop and talk about some of the releases which have come out in the past month. I have determined there will be about four parts to this because I am talking about releases in one post based on the week they were posted on. Since the last post was from February 20th – February 27th, we are going to start this post on the 28th of February, and end it on March 6th.

As I mentioned in the first post, these will not be full-on paragraph-length reviews. Rather, I will be writing about one-to-three sentences on each of these comebacks so a) I can make these posts faster, and b) I don’t have to talk about releases I don’t like for too long. I know it’s not how I usually write my Songs I Missed posts, but it will have to do for catch-up purposes.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Songs I Missed #8: 2NE1,CLC, Seohyun, and more!


I’m late, I know.

This week has been a relatively lazy one on my end because college is picking up, but also becausee I started writing for some other endeavors unrelated to Kpop (which is why there was no full reviews this week).

But here we are, and here’s my take on last week’s releases:
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Songs I Missed #4: BIGBANG, Jessica Jung, PENTAGON, and more


It is becoming near impossible for me to do a full review on all the content released in Kpop while also keeping up with other personal endeavors in my life. While I still plan on reviewing music as a whole, I also want to write more things about Kpop than just new releases.

Therefore, I decided to take the format that I use for my “Song I Missed” series, but making it a full-on one. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing full reviews on songs occasionally, but only if it’s something I can really make a post out of. Beyond that, other songs will be compiled in my Songs I Missed lists!

So here’s to more diversity on Nae the Kpop Junkie, and here’s to the songs I missed over the past week or so.

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Hyoyeon Has Potential in “Mystery”


Best known as being the “shafted” member of Girls’ Generation, the announcement of Hyoyeon’s very own single in the “SM STATION” series, Hyoyeon fans rejoiced.

Hyoyeon was never a SNSD member of my concern mainly because I’ve never been a stan of Girls’ Generation. Sure, some of their music is great, but they are far from the first group I’d listen to beyond the fact they remain the Nation’s Girl Group (sorry TWICE). I also haven’t paid attention to the STATION releases mainly because there are way too many of them and I’m too lazy to look at them all, but I decided to make an exception.

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