Songs I Missed #13: A Different Format, and a Lot of Kpop

Songs I Missed 13

Good morning, fellow Kpoppers!

As you probably know by now, I get really behind on Kpop releases, and it’s not a good time when I am inactive for months on end and still need to comment on a bunch of them. So, I am trying out a new format so I can point out all the things that are good, the okay, and the bad. It might make things a little more interesting and fun to look at, or it might just be annoying and not that great.

The past few months of Kpop have had a lot of really good singles. The warmer months always seem to bring the best out of Kpop, so it’s super exciting to watch things get better and better. Unfortunately, both SISTAR and T-ARA are leaving Kpop for good, so that has made the past few months sad at times. However, what we have is a lot of music to go through, so let’s get started!

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Twice Continues to Enamor Me With Their Charm in “Knock Knock”


If you remember my review on “TT” last year, you would know that unlike everyone else I wasn’t a big fan of TWICE. I didn’t get the hype for them, even as “Like Ooh Ahh” and “Cheer Up” achieved major success. Funnily enough, it wasn’t until their third effort in “TT” I began to recognize what people were getting hyped about. The biggest thing about TWICE as a whole is this: how much you like the song depends on how much you like the hook. “TT” was a hook that did it for me, and afterwards I was really excited to see what else TWICE had up their sleeves to charm me with.

Well, “Knock Knock” knocked it out of the park with charm this time around, and I am happy to say this is my favorite effort from them so far.

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